"They are great people and talented performers. They are both very
professional and their show appeals to all ages.
- Jodi Wright - Producer World Buskers Festival, NEW ZEALAND
- 2005.

Come fly with us on OzStar Airlines presenting First Class
In-flight Entertainment!

Please fasten your seatbelts, place your tray tables in an upright position and prepare for take-off with this high-flying comedic duo. Your hostesses Stacey and Tracey will provide you with an exciting array of live in-flight entertainment. Get your boarding passes ready and be amazed as these globe trotting hosties Juggle the in-flight merchandise, actually entertain you with safety demonstrations and Hula Hoop until they take off!.

With plenty of unexpected turbulence, these high flying ladies do meet high altitudes just before landing when Tracey performs the 5 hula hoop split while standing on Stacey's shoulders.

"OzStar Airlines - Going Nowhere Fast"

The show is available for festivals, cabarets, circus tents, conference venues. The show can be performed almost anywhere so please contact us if you have queries about a venue.

" what energy, what fun...Audiences around the world should hop on board as the women of OzStar Airlines take us on a very fun journey"
Shelley Switzer, Artistic Producer; Edmonton International Street Performers Festival, Canada.

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See "safety demo's" for tech specs and risk assessmentor contact Katie: circus@ozstar.info  

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